Snacks are great as a treat or to improve the relationship with your dog. Choose your favorite snack from our extensive range!

You can choose between a large variety of fun shapes, sizes and flavor. Furthermore, every snack has a resealable packaging, so the snacks maintain their optimum quality. Convenient for on the road!

Enjoy your meal!

Crunchy oven-baked biscuits

Large variety of fun shapes and sizes
• Mini, medium and maxi biscuits and bars
• Marrowbones, bones, figures, cushions, hams, etc.
• With meat for a delicious flavour

Convenient packaging for at home and on the road
• Resealable dog packs in three sizes
• Easy to stack palls

Foobler & Mini-Foobler
An educational toy for fun all day long
Reinforces the natural instinct to hunt while playing. The Foobler keeps the body and mind active of your dog and avoids boredom. Up to 9 hours of fun, thanks to the adjustable interval timer. A true bell rings when it’s time to eat and play...

Delicious soft dog snacks, yummy!

Large variety of fun shapes, sizes and flavours
• Mini, medium and maxi snacks
• Sticks, twisters and strips for longer chewing enjoyment
• With chicken, beef or game

Convenient packaging for at home and on the road
• Reclosable bags
• Easy-to-stack boxes and buckets

Tasty meat snacks!

Large variety of premium quality snacks
• Jerkies (dried pieces), strips (ribbons), shapes,
sausages and biscuits
• With chicken, beef and many other types of meat or fish
• Fruit blends with apple or banana
• Snacks with added chlorophyll for fresh breath

Convenient packaging for at home and on the road
• Easy to stack with treat jars with screw top
• Biscuit jars with screw top
• If you have lots of dogs we also have large packs

Tasty chew snacks, yummy !

Choose the tasty knotted bones,
wrapped in delicious sliced chicken

or choose the

Chew snack made of cleaned buffalo skin
• Super tasty snack to keep your dog busy
• Premium quality – knotted or rolled– not pressed
• Available for small & big dogs

Fill the candy pistol with delicious snacks and shoot up to 3 meters.
Fun guaranteed, Shoot & Play!

FARMZ, authentique meat snacks !

Are you looking for 100% natural meat snacks ? Choose Farmz, 32 unprocessed tasty treats, like pork ears, beef bone and chicken legs.
All Farmz snacks guarantee an European quality and ditto taste.

Discover also the Farmz Serrano’s: Spanish specialities,
including pork leg and mini pork bones. Buen apetito!

OCEANZ, authentique fish snacks!

Has your dog already taste the 100% naturel Duvo+ Oceanz fish snacks? 7 unprocessed tasty snacks, straight from the sea, with health benefits. No added odour, colouring or flavouring, with the guarantee of European quality and ditto taste. Yummy!

Does your dog suffer from food allergies or does he have a sensitive stomach? Then Oceanz snacks are the right choice for you!

Discover the complete Duvo+ range at your pet shop!

Big or small dogs, we have something for every dog!
Everybody likes to spoil their dog to improve the relationship or to teach him/her a trick.
Give snacks with moderation, a healty nutrition remains crucial!